• Septic & Mound Systems
  • Basements & Final Grades 
  • Driveways
  • Sewer & Water Hookups
  • Demolition
  • Sand & Gravel 
  • Ponds And Wetland Creation
  • Fill Dirt 
  • Pulverized Black Dirt
  • Hauling
Perry & Sons Excavating, Inc. prides itself on specializing in home excavating needs, along with many other types of excavating services. We have worked with several Municipalities, Army Core of Engineers, Soil Water Conservation District and the Department of Natural Resources.
Replacement Mound System
Mound System seeded and mulched
Commercial Septic System
Commercial Septic seeded & mulched
Wetland creation for the Water Shed District.
Wetland creation for the Water Shed District (early spring )